Welcome to Fantasy Cheltenham

To register your club or groups interest for Fantasy Cheltenham 2015 then please don't hesitate to contact us on 087 2299555 or email info@fantasycheltenham.ie




A. Select one horse per race from the first 4 races.
B. Pick your horse numbers and have your ticket number available.
C. Enter your selection by noon on the day of racing.

DIRECT ENTRY (other methods of entry are detailed on your ticket)
I. Go to http://www.fantasycheltenham.ie/play_online.php
II. Enter your ticket number and play PIN
III. Enter your selections


1. First place = 21 points
2. Second placed = 11 points
3. Third placed = 5 points
4. Fourth placed = 3 points
** There are double points for the first race each day ** 


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