Welcome to Fantasy Cheltenham

Final Results for 2016 are now available!

Well done to all our winners!. We will contact your participant clubs with details and the prize money will be made available over the coming days.

Thanks to all who played this year and we hope you all enjoyed the week, the banter with friends, family and teammates. We wish you the best for the remainder of the year and already looking forward to Fantasy Cheltenham 2017.

Fantasy Cheltenham 2016 BrochureFantasy Cheltenham is run by clubs and open to all clubs, all sports, all groups, all individuals. C’mon for the craic.

Nearly €500,000 shared out with all participant clubs to date.

For more information about Fantasy Cheltenham 2017 just drop us an email at info@fantasycheltenham.ie.

Please note that a Play PIN is ONLY required if you wish to play Fantasy Cheltenham online via our website.


A. Select one horse per race from the first 4 races.
B.Pick your horse numbers and have your ticket number available.
C.Enter your selection by 1pm on the day of racing.
I.Go to http://www.fantasycheltenham.ie/play-online/
II.Enter your ticket number and play PIN
III.Enter your selections


1.First place = 21 points
2.Second placed = 11 points
3.Third placed = 5 points
4.Fourth placed = 3 points
** There are double points for the first race each day **